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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a collection of questions that seem to come up a great deal when working with PocketFrog. This should probably be the first place you come to look when you have a question.

 Why was support for "on-the-fly" screen orientation changes removed?

 Answered by Thierry Tremblay:

Although this functionality is nice to show off what Pocket Frog can do, it is almost never (if ever) used in a real game. The execution time needed to perform the orientation change grows rapidly with the number of existing surfaces, something you don't want to have in your game.

If you need to change the screen orientation during the execution of your game, you should:

  1. Destroy all existing surfaces
  2. Close the display by calling Display::Close().
  3. Reopen the display with the desired orientation
  4. Reload the images needed for your game.

Although this require more work on your part, the performances are going to be much better and you can control what how the process is carried.

 Why was sound support removed?

 Answered by Thierry Tremblay:

Writing a good sound library is as complex as writing a graphic library. I don't have the time or knowledge to write efficient sound support in PocketFrog. I received more requests to disable the sound support then requests to improve it. The reason is simple, it is much easier and better to use an existing library such as FMOD (

I am seriously considering putting back minimal sound support (WAV files). If this is something that is of interest to you, please let me know.

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